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No one likes to go through a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo but there are a few things that I would like to go over so that our time together runs as seamlessly, and is as enjoyably as possible.



I value your and my physical and psychological, safety and boundaries. The first step in upholding that for me is through screening, which allows me to feel comfortable with you upon our first meeting so that we can get straight to the fun part. Screening may include:


  • Your Full Name:

  • Email:

  • Phone Number:

  • Occupation:

  • A Brief Phone Conversation:


**Please indicate in your first inquiry how you would like to be contacted in the future. (eg: phone call, text message and during what hours)




The Honorarium is due in its entirety at the onset of each session. It should be placed on an obvious countertop or surface in my space or whatever location we are inhabiting. I am a strictly no rush kinda gal, however an hour is an hour, nothing more & nothing less. I will alway give you the entire time in which I have been compensated, however additional donation will be requested if you would like to stay after your session has ended.



This one is pretty obvious, I take showers, as well as brush my teeth, apply makeup and sexy clothing before each and every session. Bestow the same honor upon me minus the makeup unless your into that.


(I don't and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), ability/disability, marital status or sexual orientation.)


I base ALL of my personal relationships on, having a level of mutual respect. I will always respect you, your boundaries, your time, your anonymity, personal preferences, etc. I will let you know in a clear way if I don’t feel that you are doing the same for me. Failure to change an inappropriate behavior after ONE warning will result in the termination of your session with no refund and future sessions will not be granted.


**In power play fantasies, PSE scenes or S&M type scenarios CLEAR communication before the onset of the session is required.**

As a healer I understand that individuals may have different past experiences in regards to sex/intimacy and may need clarification on what appropriate boundaries are. If you have concerns or I feel you are not understanding my boundaries I will be happy to discuss this with you before the onset of our first session or send you helpful articles. After the discussion if you are still having issues I may have to cut off contact with you and/or report you to local BAD CLIENT LISTS. No one want this! So let keep everything on the up and up.




Here are some articles that are helpful when trying to understand Sex Worker (escort)/Client relations these are NOT Required Reading. They are posted here for your edification and/or if I feel you would benefit from reading one or two....that being said PLEASE DONT MAKE ME ASSIGN YOU READING (it's embarrassing for you)...We are all adults here...ACT RIGHT!

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Hagglers Ugh... (thats right! we see you)


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