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Anna du Louvre (b.1989)

The Red Haired Siren, c. 2009

All natural space dust, Two MFAs, Provocation & Sass in situ.

5'9" X 185lb X 38DDD

On loan from the New Orleans, Louisiana Collection to Chicago's Northside & the rest of the wide world.

                First and foremost, I am master of the hedonist arts, meaning I have perfected the craft of seeking and sharing pleasure with individuals who choose to indulge in my unique services.  I feel that erotic interaction is a human need and that each person has a different experience that they are seeking. Through my own exploration I have found that I enjoy a spectrum of scenarios from vanilla too vehement and coquettish too kinky.


            I'm a magical companion, filled with intriguing contradictions and complexities. By day I am a budding professional but by night a personal performance artist. My relationships with my patrons are authentic but with particular boundaries as to foster intensely fulfilling yet uncomplicated scenes. I love to play but don’t shy away from prudence. I’m formally educated but fabulous, and fun! I embrace both my blue collar roots as well as the bourgeois pallet that comes from being born under the Libra Sun.


            Physically I am gorgeous, yet approachable. My look is edgy, elegant, bold and bountiful. I possess soft skin and classic curves, I have beautiful blue eyes and a crown of fiery red hair that changes in style as the wind blows. I keep my hair "down there" as natural as my 38DDD bosom. Some days my statuesque, 5 foot 9 inch silhouette elicits images of Amazon Warriors or Viking Queens. Other days a 1950s Pin-Up, a carnival stripper or Bazoom Girl, occupying a sleazy stage in the Big Easy. Stepping into my boudoir is much like watching a piece of Brechtian theater, real and unreal all at once.


            I consider my work to be meaningful and myself a healer as well as a co-creator of your wildest wet dream. Once you have experienced me  you will come to know yourself better, you will recognize that you have come toe to toe with your fantasy, and a real live heroine as addictive as the homonym….


                 Peace, Love & Balance,

     Anna du Louvre




Custom performance works:

500 per hour.

600 per 90minutes.

800 per two hours.

2600 per night.


4000 per day.


Contact me at or

225.800.2662 for a consultation.