I am always grateful for any gift large or small. I see even a handwritten note to be a generous gesture. Thank you in advance for your consideration.



In general I love all colors but especial deep Purples, Blues, Orange, Red and Green....


I really like all flowers but especially Peonies, Orchids, Black Eyed Suzanne, Sunflowers, Carnations, and Roses. I also like living things! potted plants and creepers if they will live well indoors.



(Size 10) I enjoy unique, colorful, bombastic, and sexy sexy footwear... Keep in mind that I am an astoundingly artistic and eclectic dresser .... so if a shoe is boring or practical it is probably not for me. Bellow are a few favorites.






(Bra 38DDD/E, Panties XL) My Giant boobs are always in need of more love. You can best express your appreciation for what my mamma gave me by getting beautiful new bras for me!




 Like Marilyn Monroe, Diamonds (as well as shiny pieces of cut glass) are my best friends, the more bling the better. I enjoy 14k gold but if that is out of your price range any precious metal/Cubic Zirconium combo will do. That being said lately I have especially been jonesing for some 14K nipple adornments or something that comes in one of those light blue Tiffany's boxes...


  • Nipple Bling from BVLA

  • Tiffany's Co.



Yummm....Life is like a box of chocolates, You never know what you'll get...I am ok with that! Bring what you will.



For those of you less materialistic gift givers .... I would absolutely adore if you would donate to any one of these great organizations in my name.... Any amount would help them a great deal.

The Sex Worker Out Reach Project of Chicago

Chicago Women's Health Center

Project NIA


Howard Brown Health Center

Broadway Youth Center

A Long Walk Home



Other...Things that would make all my dreams come true...


External Hard Drives




Art Pieces 

High Quality Sex Toys/ Vibrators (fun factory, jimmy-jane)



Gift Certificate for: Sex Toy Stores, Photo Sessions, Art Stores, Classes, Massages, Facials, Mani/Pedis...

Tickets for: Plays, Operas, Concerts, Film Screenings, Festivals, Puppet Shows etc...

Cars, Houses, Condos, Boats.


Surprise Me....